Chew The Rag is a medium operated by Justin Robertson, an Australian-born journalist who writes and reports on a variety of important issues and current topics.

Justin Robertson has been  living, working and studying in Toronto, Canada since 2005,  but has now returned to his hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Justin Robertson  has written for and been published in a variety of  Canadian publications such as; National Post; The Town Crier community newspaper; The Annex Gleaner; The Hamilton Spectator; Sweat Magazine (Ontario College Athletics Association); Convergence; Soundproof Magazine; Dose.ca; Tangible Sounds and Finecut Magazine.

He now writes sports full time at the Star News Group.

He also writes commentary, briefs, top ten lists, feature articles, editorials, opinion pieces  and observations.

“Chew the Rag” was an English expression used in war-torn times. Soldiers would wet a rag with their tongue and use it to clean out their rifles. During this cleaning process it gave soldiers time to converse with one another.

For comments or questions, please email: justinrobertson79@gmail.com.


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