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Community: It’s birds in the palm trees, not bats.

The retched screeching starts around knock-off time. Coming off the concrete station platform at Mordialloc,  around dusk every night, you’ll hear it.In fact, It’s hard not to hear it.  At first it seems like a few bats, flapping and screaming in the palm trees on Main St. But as you move closer you’ll notice they aren’t bats.These creatures have feathers.  Every now and then something flies out from the palm but it’s too quick and small to see exactly what the object is. In the right kind of luminous light you can see a green and sometimes red chest. Also, the closer you get to any one of the palm trees, the decibels increase. It’s a maddening sound. You can’t see what is hidden in the palm trees and all that exists is the ear-piercing and gregarious fowl sounds carried out by millions.

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