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Social Etiquette: Neighbours – why are we afraid?

It’s the slamming of the doors and endless nattering in the hallway of the apartment block, from my neighbours,  that sends shivers down my spine. Not because of the noise but knowing they are “out there” makes me retreat and delay any plans to avoid a bumbling confrontation. It all seems a bit suspicious – my behaviour – on the surface and indeed a little green eyed.

But when one gets burned by a neighbours aloofness it’s easy to see why people retract into their shell like a Horseshoe crab.

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Technology: My new lomo

It’s raw and spontaneous.

I just developed my first roll of film using a fisheye lomography camera. As I walked into the store to pick up my batch, the photo technician said one of the three rolls did not turn out at all. It’s par for the course when dealing with film, when dealing with lomography. What you see is not necessarily what you get with it. Artificial light plays a big role in transforming mundane colours into vibrant hues. Shadows and shade also add another eerie dimension. As the technician was packing the bundle of photos up over the counter, she said “Sometimes this happens with film,” referring to the lost roll.

I quickly left the shop, stopped and  stood outside briefly to browse the results.

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Music: Top Ten 2010

For me, I think this year will be remembered by the large amounts of “surf” bands that exploded onto the scene – Beach House, Wavves, Surfer Blood, The Drums, Best Coast – the list goes on. From memory, last year when I nutted out my top ten I found it easier to pick ten great songs, but struggled for quality albums.

This year, not as hard.

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Urban Affairs: Sketch me a map, anytime.

Last month I was invited over to a friend’s house for dinner. He and his wife had just moved into their three-bedroom property and it had been a while since we had caught up. I was eager to see their new pad. My friend had phoned me earlier that day to give me his address and directions. I scribbled down the information on the back of a receipt and continued to listen. Going to a suburb I’ve never  been to before, I try to take in the good advice from my friend. “Take this road, turn at that corner, it’s quicker if you head in this direction,” he said. But, it’s all German to me. The directions did not sink in. He was telling me what he visualized, but I had no visuals. I had never been there before. But I nod politely at the other end of the phone  and gave him the satisfaction of letting him direct me. I knew the moment I got off the phone I would Google his address and create my own path there.

It just seemed easier that way.

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